Rima Aanjay releases Free Speech

Washington, D.C, District of Columbia Apr 15, 2021 (  – Free Speech is a poem that was written to express concern about the current condition of the country. We live in a world where inciting acts of violence through free speech continues to cost the lives of many people. It’s sad that the incitement is most…

Rima Aanjay discusses Culture, Hip Hop and Racism

Washington, D.C, Aug 31, 2020 (  – Rima Aanjay aka Spoken Word has been performing as a spoken word/hip hop activist since 2008; calling the attention to the injustices that have been plaguing African American communities throughout the world. In her venture to promote black awareness, she published a magazine entitled All Shades of Brown dedicated…

SpokenWord TV

SpokenWord TV is for poets wishing to share their poetry with the world! If you have poetry that you have performed on video, please do not hesitate to post! Happy sharing as we look forward to hearing from you!

Kwanzaa in August (KIA) Festival

Commemorating their 10th anniversary, Liberated Muse Arts Group celebrates with the debut of Kwanzaa in August (KIA), an arts and empowerment festival focusing on the seven principles of Kwanzaa– unity, self determination, cooperative economics, collective work & responsibility, purpose, creativity, and faith. Literary art, performance art, kid-centered presentations, film screenings, theatre, and a visual arts…


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“What I love about hip hop is that it’s soulful to me. Lyrics in many underground rap songs have taught me a lot about life, love, and mental prosperity. Many people choose to ignore what underground hip hop artists have to say because maybe they feel as if they focus to much on reality. I say that in the current condition that the world is in; why not listen”.

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